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Services to improve your business with China
Production / Producers / Research / Cost reduction / OEM / Logistics / Quality control
years of experience
About us
The V-Consulting Group provides consulting services for working with the countries of Southeast Asia, primarily with the People's Republic of China.

We operate with information about product and transport markets, helping our clients to get the most out of the use of product & logistics outsourcing.
people in China work for us
units of products exported from China for our clients
>65 mln.
Modern equipment and production technologies, including Japan, Germany, Austria, USA.
Why China? There is no need to be apprehensive, here’s why…
Our mission
Ilya Vigushin
Is to help you be more competitive by effectively partnering with Chinese manufacturers.
Higher production rate compared to other producing countries.
Production of the same product, but with different quality.
The confirmed quality standards of the USA, the European Union, Japan.
The production of the world's largest companies is concentrated in China.
The price-quality ratio is entirely up to you.
(share in world GDP, %))
How much of all the world's goods and services are in China?
Why is it cheaper there?
Inexpensive labor force compared to major developed countries.
Mass and cluster production.
China's tax and financial policy towards its producers. Governmental support.
Why us?
I am thinking on starting
Have a problem?
We can manage this!
I already work with China
A little research will answer this question.
Are you buying at the correct price?
We'll find out in the blink of an eye.
Is there what you need in China, at that price and that quality?
You can always chat and calculate some plan :)
Apprehensive about change and starting something new and unfamiliar?
We will select manufacturers, establish direct contact, teach the basics of work and carry out the entire first delivery "by hand".
Do you work through intermediaries and not directly with the factories? Overpaying, waiting a long time for an answer, not doing what you wanted, delays and lack of control?
We will calculate the complete logistics cycle (delivery from a factory in China to your warehouse, including customs payments), as well as insure the cargo.
How much does it cost and how to deliver the goods from far away China to your warehouse?
The search for new suppliers according to your request is our forte!
Do the old providers dictate terms? I need to get new ones!
Many years of negotiating experience, knowledge of the Chinese language and cultural characteristics of the country.
Can't agree on working conditions and/or other issues with the Chinese?
Quality control before shipment by our specialists, involved persons, their employees, specialized companies.
A large number of marriages? What does this mean? Partnerships?
We know how to do it. You can also order a small trial batch of goods.
Vendor authentication and trustworthiness.
We will take into account the workload, Chinese holidays, and control the time.
Delivery delays?
We will sign a complete contract, in which we will write down all the main points that are important to you.
Everything is based on verbal agreements, there is nothing concrete and there is a lack of understanding of the "rules of the game"?
We speak your language and Chinese.
The language barrier.
Customer benefits
You need fewer employees, and we get the job done quickly and accurately!
Direct contact with the manufacturing factory
There is no language barrier, which means that the work is more understandable, calm and easy
Quality control executed by our specialists
You will be one step ahead of your competitors. Always up to date with new market trends.
General Terms
Few things are impossible to us!
Mandatory signing of an agreement and / or Work Plan for the search, where the result that the Client will receive is very clearly stated.
We have high competencies in the Chinese market. Tell us what you need and most likely we will do it.
The geography of our business
Road Map
Our most successful projects
Items for newborns. Toys
Accompanying products and materials for food production
Pharmaceutical equipment
Household items.
Spare parts for cars and technical equipment
Furniture and interior decoration
Home textile
Technical equipment
Chemical reagents
Our story
Multifold increase in the client base
We have come to you! :) We are here!
Beginning of working with China
Receiving the first large orders from international companies
The emergence of permanent partners in China (search, quality control, technical support)
Doubling turnover and number of orders
Opening offices in Hong Kong and China
Formation of a permanent team of professionals around the world
Emergence of permanent logistics partners
Management / Logistics
Work experience: 22 years
Engineering / Business consulting / Marketing
Work experience: 34 years
Legal counsel
Work experience: 5 years
PR / Marketing
Work experience: 25 years
Technical support
Work experience: 50 years
Fu Peiyou
Work experience: 16 years
Fu Wei
Work experience: 25 years
Work experience: 20 years
Corporate Law / Finance
Work experience:
17 years
Wang Hao
Search / Technical support
Work experience: 21 years
Liu Wei
Sales / PR & GR
Work experience: 23 years
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